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Apollo Beach is a thriving waterfront community with year-round boating, fishing, and other water activities. The estimated 55 miles of canals lead to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico via underpass of the Sunshine Skyway  See houses for sale in Apollo Beach

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Apollo Beach is a waterfront community located in Hillsborough County. Apollo Beach has an interesting story of how this Florida community all began. In the early 1920's Apollo Beach was owned by one family (The Dickman Family) and used mainly as farming and grazing land. 

That all changed in the 1930's after Paul Dickman conceived the idea of a waterfront community. He felt his property would make the perfect location for a new and exciting side of living mainly due to it's convenient location along U.S. Route 41. The project of building this all new waterfront subdivision and it's streets, canals, schools and communities was left up to the great minds of Radar Engineering out of Miami, FL.

In the 50's The Dickman Family sold the land to 3 men from New York who changed the name to "Tampa Beach" believing the association with Tampa would be able to attract more buyers. The construction of the Flamingo Canal was imperative in order to achieve access to open water. The cost of this canal was too much money for the family forcing them to sell it in the late 50's to Francis Corr who renamed the area to Lavida Beach. Legend has it that Corr's wife Dorothy suggested a new name, Apollo Beach, for the area's greatest benefit - sunshine. Locals will also tell you that the Apollo space program was developing at that time and played a part in the renaming of the community as well. After selling off the some of the property to Tampa Electric Company to build what is now the Big Bend Power Plant and a few minor set backs - Apollo Beach is alive and thriving! See more about Apollo Beach

This interactive map shows where Apollo Beach is located: